Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Our garage door repair services ensure safety and stable mechanisms.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Problems with your opener? Count on our garage door opener repair specialists and their speedy response

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are experts in garage door springs!

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Garage door repair and maintenance team! Emergency service

Your home will always be safe with these tips for garage door repair. Learn how to get the best deals, which doors will increase the value of your home and how to keep them in top working condition. Also find out more about keypads.

  • Check the lights when buying a garage door opener

    This is quite important, especially if the operator is the only source of light in the garage. Our experts in Murrieta explain that most models use two 60-watt bulbs which offer good visibility. However, you should consider getting an opener which is compatible with 100-watt bulbs as well.

  • Be careful with door sections

    Garage Door Repair Murrieta specialists advise homeowners to be cautious with any door while closing. Never try to manually close an automatic garage door, if you really need to do it, use the step handle attached to the door or a pull rope and then close it.

  • The advantages of wireless keypads

    A wireless garage door keypad will give you the benefit of having your own personal code in order to enter your garage and locking well the door. The experts of our Garage Door Repair in Murrieta say that keypads can have as many access codes as you want.

  • Which garage door will increase my house's value?

    Some would argue that wood or glass garage doors can make a significant change to the appearance of your house and this is certainly true. Either way, the best way to ensure a high value for your home is to make sure your garage door is kept clean and well-maintained. Of course, the more you invest in style and quality, the better.

  • Keeping Garage Door Working Smoothly

    Garage door rollers, hinges, tracks and latches should be lubricated to keep them working smoothly. Without this, you may experience problems when opening and closing your garage door. For stuck parts, kerosene would be a good solution. Soak the parts with it and use steel wool for removing any rust. You may also apply lubricant on the screw or chain of your garage door opener. By doing so, your door should be running smoothly for years to come.

  • Tip for Closing Garage Doors

    It is imperative that everything is completely closed when you leave as recommended by Garage Door Repair Murrieta. This is a practical measure for ensuring the longevity of the structure but it can also improve the security of the home as well. Sometimes these doors are activated by any given number of objects and there is no accounting for what they will land on.

  • Choosing a Garage Door Suitable for Severe Weather Conditions:

    Although many standard garage doors can withstand many severe weather elements and conditions, if you live in an area which experiences particularly severe weather conditions, you may need a superior door. Garage Door Repair Murrieta recommends looking for a door which has additional struts of reinforced steel and upgraded quality of tracks, rollers and springs.  These forms of door can usually withstand severe weather conditions including very high winds and heavy rains.

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