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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

We've been repairing garage door systems for a very long time now, and have acquired a great deal of knowledge that we're more than happy to share. Below are some useful tips that can help you take good care of your automatic overhead door.

Make sure you know how to use your emergency release cord

An unexpected power outage can render your automatic garage door useless. However, by pulling the emergency release cord, you can effectively disengage the opener and use your door manually. Make sure you know where that cord is (usually dangling from the main opener unit). Remember the door must be fully closed before pulling it, otherwise it could slam shut.

Always open your garage door before starting your car

Cars are notorious for emitting toxic fumes. This is why you should always open your garage door before you start your car. Not only will you minimize the amount of exhaust fumes you breathe in, you will also prevent them from getting into your house.

Sometimes it's worth getting everything new

When replacing an old garage door or opener, it is always tempting to want to save a little money and re-use whatever you can from your old system. While this may seem economical, using old parts with a new door can result in more frequent repairs. If you can afford to replace all the components, you should at least consider it to avoid problems in the near future.

Tighten up the nuts and bolts

Part of your regular garage door maintenance tasks should involve tightening any nuts and bolts that have started to come loose. Knowing which ones to tighten is crucial for the longevity of your door. The ones that fasten the tracks in place are particularly important, but make sure not to change their alignment, as your door relies on the tracks to guide its movement.

Which light bulbs for my opener?

Often, the opener is the only source of light in the garage. Most models use two 60-watt bulbs which offer good visibility. However, you may wish to consider getting an opener which is compatible with 100-watt bulbs as well.

How to keep your garage door working smoothly

Garage door rollers, hinges, tracks and latches should be lubricated from time to time to keep them working smoothly. Without this, you may experience problems when opening and closing your garage door. You may also apply lubricant on the screw or chain of your garage door opener. By doing this and keeping up with maintenance, you'll help to ensure your door runs smoothly for years to come.

Choosing a garage door suitable for severe weather

Although many standard garage doors can withstand severe weather conditions, if you live in an area which experiences particularly severe weather like hurricanes and powerful storms, you may have specific needs when it comes to choosing the right door.  We recommend looking for a door which has additional struts of reinforced steel and upgraded quality of tracks, rollers, and springs. It is also possible to opt for hurricane reinforced model - just talk to us about your options.


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